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Diving deep into the realms of fashion and technology, Realdreams proudly collaborated on the YYAtomic AW23 Collection's fashion film titled "I'M HERE." This project stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of avant-garde fashion with cutting-edge technology.

With our expertise, we contributed significantly to the project by providing AI models and AI animation that brought the fashion pieces to life in a way previously unimagined. Our involvement extended to LiDAR capturing, which added depth and dimension to the visuals. The point cloud visualizations, 3D scans, and NERFs further enhanced the visual narrative, creating a mesmerizing blend of reality and digital artistry. The post-production phase saw the integration of 3D scenes that added layers of depth and intrigue to the film.

Directed by the visionary Dudi Zvedeniuk and featuring the designs of Ziwei Qu, this experimental project was not just a fashion film but a journey into the future of fashion storytelling. It was an honor for Realdreams to be a part of such an innovative endeavor, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of fashion and technology.

Experience the magic of fashion and technology converging and witness a project where Realdreams' technological prowess meets YYAtomic's fashion genius.