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Chivas Regal

Advertisement for Chivas Regal - I Rise, We Rise

Smiley All Originals

We take you through the story of Nicolas Loufrani through the creative fusion of AI-generated sequences and artistic storytelling.

Jack Irving - AMPHITRITE

We were at #LondonFashionWeek for Jack Irving's show AMPHITRITE.

Elevenlabs Text-to-SFX

Ad for the revolutionary new Text-to-SFX feature from Elevenlabs.

Elevenlabs & Pika 72 Hour Film Fast

Very excited to announce that we have connected the forces of ElevenLabs with Pika to put on this #filmfast AI film competition running this weekend! 🙌 🎉

Elevenlabs - AudioNative

Ad for the new AudioNative feature from Elevenlabs.

Alice in Wonderland - The Simulation Paradox

What if Wonderland was a simulation - a game designed for Alice by her father?

FilmFAST Winner Announcement

Winner announcement for the Pika x Elevenlabs 72 Hour #FilmFAST!

Che Lingo - My Radio

Reviving the Past: AI-Driven 16mm Film Explores the Beauty of Nostalgia


What if the extraterrestrial entities we've been looking for are not actually from the stars, but born from our own ingenuity?

Elevenlabs Speech-to-Speech

In this ad for the release of Elevenlabs Speech-to-Speech, we used clean and quick storytelling with a pinch of humor, enhancing it with a wide range of characters thanks to AI tools like Pika and Runway Gen2.

Clarks x D Double E

We go deep into the ai mind of grime royalty D Double E to find out what makes him Zen in this campaign for the new Clarks and Footpatrol collab.

Sophie and the Giants - Paradise

Step into the stunning trippy world of this music video by Sophie and the Giants and Purple Disco Machine.

Baby Queen - Quarter Life Crisis

Music video by Baby Queen performing Quarter Life Crisis.

YYatomic - I'm Here

Realdreams Presents: YYAtomic AW23 Collection - "I'M HERE"

Carnival of the Ages

Step right up and marvel at the retro-futuristic and mesmerizing, “Carnival of the Ages: An AI Generated Film Unveiling a Cinematic Odyssey Through Time and Space”.

Hey Baby! - Theatre

Hey, Baby! Celebrates Alternative Black Culture and Queer Rage with AI-Generated Imagery

Hazy Days

For this project we were asked to create a nostalgic and surreal fully AI generated film that transports our main protagonist back in time using futuristic simulation technologies so he can experience his memories of being young and free with his band, going through changing times in 1970s England.

Moody Jones - Nightshifts

Realdreams was asked to create a music video with AI in under a week.