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Elevenlabs + Pika 72 Hour Film Fast

Very excited to announce that we have connected the forces of ElevenLabs with Pika to put on this #filmfast AI film competition running this weekend! 🙌 🎉

Jack Irving - AMPHITRITE

We were at #LondonFashionWeek for Jack Irving's show AMPHITRITE.


What if the extraterrestrial entities we've been looking for are not actually from the stars, but born from our own ingenuity?

Elevenlabs Speech-to-Speech

In this ad for the release of Elevenlabs Speech-to-Speech, we used clean and quick storytelling with a pinch of humor, enhancing it with a wide range of characters thanks to AI tools like Pika and Runway Gen2.

Alice in Wonderland - The Simulation Paradox

What if Wonderland was a simulation - a game designed for Alice by her father?

Clarks - D Double E

We go deep into the ai mind of grime royalty D Double E to find out what makes him Zen in this campaign for the new Clarks and Footpatrol collab.

Baby Queen - Quarter Life Crisis

Music video by Baby Queen performing Quarter Life Crisis.

Carnival of the Ages

Step right up and marvel at the retro-futuristic and mesmerizing, “Carnival of the Ages: An AI Generated Film Unveiling a Cinematic Odyssey Through Time and Space”.

YYatomic - I'm Here

Realdreams Presents: YYAtomic AW23 Collection - "I'M HERE"

Che Lingo - My Radio

Reviving the Past: AI-Driven 16mm Film Explores the Beauty of Nostalgia

Sophie and the Giants - Paradise

Step into the stunning trippy world of this music video by Sophie and the Giants and Purple Disco Machine.

Moody Jones - Nightshifts

Realdreams was asked to create a music video with AI in under a week.

Hey Baby! - Theatre

Hey, Baby! Celebrates Alternative Black Culture and Queer Rage with AI-Generated Imagery